“Alice in Wonderland”

Colorful and eccentric phantasmagoria based on the legendary tale of Lewis Carroll. Familiar to all the characters – and Alice, and the Hatter, and Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat, and the Black Queen – will appear before the audience in his circus incarnation, against the backdrop of impressive 3D-scenery, with amazing music. The story of Alice is supplemented with a love line – the girl falls in love with a fairy-tale prince, and for the sake of love, both heroes have to overcome unimaginable trials. Following Alice, viewers are immersed in a wonderful world where everything and every imagination is possible materializes as if by magic. From this fabulous journey is breathtaking, and behind each turn of the plot of the viewer, a new meeting expects – with more and more eccentric and unpredictable characters. However, in the end, the house of cards scatters, and love triumphs, giving hope and making you believe in a fairy tale. 39 artists: 7 soloists, 12 circus artists, 20 dancers