The circus theatre ELYSIUM was founded in 2012 – its team included the most experienced producers, the best directors, choreographers and actors.

It all started with a few numbers, united by the name “Fairytale Show”. This performance was met by sold-out performances during performances in France and subsequently reborn into a large-scale show “Alice in Wonderland,” which instantly gained popularity with the audience.

Our show was applauded by viewers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, France and China – because the circus language is understandable without translation. With each performance, we hone our skills, make new discoveries and give bright emotions to hundreds and thousands of viewers of all ages. A cohesive circus team is like a single organism for which nothing is impossible: neither on the stage nor under its dome.

The history of the theatre-circus ELYSIUM is just beginning – we are creating it right now, before your eyes.